Women's MTB Coaching and Events

Polly Harrison

Polly has been riding all kinds of mountain bikes for nearly 20 years. She started out sessioning the trails around Aberdeen, spending a lot of time at Fort William and Innerliethen as well as street riding around Aberdeen City Centre. She would regularly beat the boys down the triple stair-set off Union Street!


In 2004 Polly dabbled with racing downhill, which is where she first met Lynne. Winning a couple of SDA races that year before packing up her snowboarding gear and heading to New Zealand and Canada. Even though it was a snowboarding trip that was where she bought her much loved P2 jump bike to check out the amazing trails in Wanaka.


After travelling, Polly returned to Aberdeen and continued to ride downhill, street and the occasional skate park session. When Air Maiden came along it was exactly the kind of riding she loves. Winning the freeride event for the first three years before stepping down to become part of the amazing team and getting a huge buzz from coaching and encouraging other females to be more confident on their bikes, ride better…….and of course ride bigger!


In 2010 Polly joined the Clan Stunt team to fill in for Lynne on the Riderz Tour. An amazing experience and opportunity to push her jumping to greater heights…..literally!!!


Now a fully fledged coach based In the North East of Scotland, but still feeling like a 12 year old when she steps over her bike, she plans to pass on her enthusiasm an experience.