Women's MTB Coaching and Events

Minimaidens Group Rides, Skills Clinics and Events

At Air Maiden we want to encourage the next generation of riders, so we created the MiniMaidens Attack Squad. Aimed at 8-16 yr olds, we organise events, social rides and skills days across the country.

Minimaidens Attack Squad was set up to empower girls to fulfil their potential and ambitions in cycling - whether it's becoming a world class racer, improving their skills so they can ride with their friends or just to keep fit.


  • To provide opportunities for girls (8-18) throughout the country to access training, events, funding and mentoring across a range of cycling disciplines.
  • To provide mentoring opportunities from expert coaches across a variety of disciplines with a focus on racing
  • To provide opportunities for girls and young women to come together to participate in a supportive learning environment with their peers
  • To encourage girls at the upper age limit to remain within the sport if they so desire by providing opportunities for training and mentoring
  • To provide these opportunities by accessing appropriate funding and sponsorship
  • To raise the profile of women in cycling and their representation in cycling disciplines

Some of these days will run alongside Air Maiden coaching events.Check out what we have on offer this year, and get signed up!


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